Jenkins Lovespoons by Blake's Practical Applications

Gallery of Variations on the Simple Heart Lovespoon

Here, this design is so simple, there's little room for variation, except in the wood.
This is my greatest success to date in creating a simple design, and is one of very few designs I've repeated (and it's still a fun challenge). It is often copied, sometimes with minor variations, by carvers around the world, but make no mistake, this is the true original. Each one is quite delicate, and has a gentle arch along the whole length of the spoon, making it a fun challenge to carve without breaking.

Welsh_Lovespoon_Simple English Yew with Sapwood against medium background Welsh_Lovespoon_Simple English Yew with Sapwood against black background Welsh_Lovespoon_Simple English Yew without sapwood Welsh_Lovespoon_Simple American Cherry simple heart lovespoon Welsh_Lovespoon_Simple African Mahogany simple heart lovespoon

Note - If you see a spoon carved of this design, or a recognizable variant for sale, carved by anyone other than me, please be aware that it is an illegal copy. It is possible that the carver may have been led to believe that since carvings cannot be copied exactly, they are always original, or that if a carving has been published online or in a book, copyrights have been forfieted (despite explicit copyright notices contradicting this notion everywhere this design has ever been legally published). Both of these are unfortunate, common misperceptions in the woodcarving world, which is one big reason why so few artists are willing to practice in the woodcarving medium. Because I do want to inspire others to carve lovespoons, instead of not sharing or showing my work (the only solution to prevent this unfortunate phenomenon), I try to politely educate other carvers on this point, and I hope others will understand and do the same.