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Welcome to the Home of Jenkins Lovespoons!

Following centuries of Welsh Lovespoon tradition, Jenkins Lovespoons are entirely designed and hand-carved by Laura Jenkins Gorun in her private studio near Columbus, Ohio, and are only available from her, directly. While she does offer her lovespoons for sale - mainly by commission, and at the occasional Celtic festival or the annual North American Festival of Wales (NAFOW) - her main purpose is simply to promote and hopefully contribute something to this beautiful tradition, while celebrating her own Welsh heritage. Check out the Jenkins Lovespoons Facebook Page to see some of what's keeping Laura busy! (even if you're not "on Facebook," you can still see the Jenkins Lovespoons Facebook page.)

Originating as a courtship gift, the Welsh Lovespoon tradition has endured since the 17th century. Today they are given for many occasions, having evolved beyond their romantic origins, but the tradition remains otherwise unchanged; Lovespoons are still creatively carved from a single piece of wood, and most importantly, always convey a personal, heartfelt sentiment.
Many people even have a wall-full of lovespoons on display in their homes, waiting to be handed down through the next generations. Have a look over at the About page to read a little more about the story of the Welsh Lovespoon Tradition and some common Symbolism.

Coming Soon...

August 2014 - the 2014 NAFOW - Labor Day Weekend

Thursday - Sunday, August 28th - 31st, I am, again, looking forward to the North American Festival of Wales (NAFOW), this year in Minneapolis, Minnesota! I'll have my table in the marketplace, with some of my lovespoons, and a few from fellow lovespoon carver, David Western, along with a few other items I've made between carving spoons, to fill out my table! It will be my first visit to Minneapolis, and I've heard wonderful things, so I am very excited to have the chance to visit, and look forward to taking in as much as I can of the Festival while I'm there! The festival features several wonderful concerts from HUGE Welsh acts, open mic nights, Eisteddfod competitions, days PACKED with fascinating seminars, a Marketplace filled with the best Welsh souvenirs you'll ever find this side of "the pond," and the inevitable after-hours group singing, not to mention a few interesting tours of area sites. If you haven't made your reservations yet, find more information, and register online at I hope to see lots of friends there, both old and new!!!

Also, later this year... watch the class listings for November and early December at the local WoodCraft Store on Bethel Road in Columbus for some new beginning carving classes I'm developing! These will be short (one-day) classes, breaking down some specific elements, starting with some popular whittling "tricks" like carving a ball in a cage.


What Else is New

For the quick glimpses into what's keeping me busy, make sure to like my Jenkins Lovespoons Facebook Page! For the carvers out there, looking to examine all the careful considerations and thorough details that seem to be involved in my lovespoon carving process, it's been a while since I have had time to post anything new, but there are still lots of details and pictures out there from before I got so ridiculously busy. One day, I'll surely post something new.

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