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Welcome to the Home of Jenkins Lovespoons!

Following centuries of Welsh Lovespoon tradition, Jenkins Lovespoons are entirely designed and hand-carved by Laura Jenkins Gorun in her private studio near Columbus, Ohio, and are only available from her, directly. While she does offer her lovespoons for sale - mainly by commission, and at the occasional Celtic festival or the annual North American Festival of Wales (NAFOW) - her main purpose is simply to promote and hopefully contribute something to this beautiful tradition, while celebrating her own Welsh heritage. Check out the Jenkins Lovespoons Facebook Page!

Originating as a courtship gift, the Welsh Lovespoon tradition has endured since the 17th century. Today they are given for many occasions, having evolved beyond their romantic origins, but the tradition remains otherwise unchanged; Lovespoons are still creatively carved from a single piece of wood, and most importantly, always convey a personal, heartfelt sentiment.
Many people even have a wall-full of lovespoons on display in their homes, waiting to be handed down through the next generations. Have a look over at the About page to read a little more about the story of the Welsh Lovespoon Tradition and some common Symbolism.

For anyone WELSH out there... or anyone who likes lovespoons!

The North American Festival of Wales (NAFOW) will be coming to Columbus, Ohio September 3-6, 2015 (Labor Day weekend)! This annual festival is organized by the Welsh North American Association (WNAA), with a little help from a local committee, which happens to be chaired by one Laura Jenkins Gorun. Among all the festival planning, Laura and fellow lovespoon carver, David Western, have been working on another collaboration, that they will be donating to the WNAA as a fundraiser at this year's NAFOW in Columbus. The spoon depicts the legend of the Welsh red dragon's battle with, and defeat of the English white dragon. Unlike any of Dave & Laura's prior collaborations, Dave and Laura will both be in the presence of the spoon when it's finished, and even have a chance to discuss face to face, and make a few last-minute refinements, at a demo on Saturday afternoon of the NAFOW. The winner of this exceptionally unique work of art, valued at over $2,000, will be selected in a drawing at the end of the 2015 NAFOW Grand Concert, Saturday, September 5th, so make sure you get to the festival to get your chances to win, before the drawing on Saturday night!


To see some notes, thoughts, and a few pictures from Dave & Laura's adventure in designing and carving, check out the North American Festival of Wales Facebook page!


Sign up now for one of my next carving classes at the Columbus WoodCraft Store on Bethel Road.
CARVING TRICKS: CAPTIVE RING - a one-day class, from 10am - 4pm (with break for lunch), Scheduled for Saturday, November 21st. ..... Each student will learn the method and basics of this popular carving "trick" - which really isn't a trick at all. Students will learn and practice fundamental carving techniques, and address some common challenges, especially accessing difficult-to-reach areas with basic tools. Most students should be able to free their captive ring before the class time is finished, having something to take home to wow your friends and family! (and probably carve several more!)
Prices and details are available in the "classes" section of the Columbus Woodcraft Store's website, and you can call or visit the store to sign up, and soon, see the example up close. .

Sign up now for my next carving class at the Columbus WoodCraft Store on Bethel Road.
CARVE A CHRISTMAS-THEMED LOVESPOON - a multi-week class, Thursday evenings, 6-9PM, November 12th, 19th, (skip Thanksgiving), December 3rd, and finishing December 10th. ..... Each student will carve a basswood lovespoon with a Christmas themed decoration based on an original design by the instructor. In this four-session class, students will learn and practice fundamental carving techniques, and address common challenges, as well as have a chance to practice relief carving a detailed design, using very simple tools. The project tackles several common carving challenges, including keeping symmetry and working with wood grain, while carving long, continuous curves; a small,deep bowl; and a delicate design.

Prices and details are available in the "classes" section of the Columbus Woodcraft Store's website, and you can call or visit the store to sign up, and soon, see the example up close. .

In other news...

You may have noticed a lull in my online presence both here and on my Jenkins Lovespoons Facebook Page this year - please forgive it - I've been a little overwhelmed this year. So, I've been focusing on catching up my backlog, building up a little inventory, and some other critical projects, including helping with some of the local plans for the North American Festival of Wales, which will be coming to Columbus September 3-6. I've also become a permanent member at Studios on High Gallery at 686 N. High Street in Columbus! So, now you can go there if you want to see some available lovespoons, along with a wonderful variety of other local artists' work! Of course, you can also scroll through my facebook page to see some past spoons, and if you like my page, then when I start posting more regularly again, you'll be the first to know!

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