Jenkins Lovespoons by Blake's Practical Applications

Welcome to the Home of Jenkins Lovespoons!

Following centuries of Welsh Lovespoon tradition, Jenkins Lovespoons are entirely designed and hand-carved by Laura Jenkins Gorun in her private studio near Columbus, Ohio, and are only available from her, directly. Laura's work is sometimes offered for sale - usually at the North American Festival of Wales ( While Laura doesn't have much online presence these days, there may occasionally be a remark or new image on the Jenkins Lovespoons Facebook Page!

Originating as a courtship gift, the Welsh Lovespoon tradition has endured since the 17th century. Today they are given for many occasions, having evolved beyond their romantic origins, but the tradition remains otherwise unchanged; Lovespoons are still creatively carved from a single piece of wood, and most importantly, always convey a personal, heartfelt sentiment.
Many people even have a wall-full of lovespoons on display in their homes, waiting to be handed down through the next generations. Have a look over at the About page to read a little more about the story of Jenkins Lovespoons, the Welsh Lovespoon Tradition and some common Symbolism.

This page was last modified: March, 2021.